I build this site with Jekyll and host it on AWS S3 with CloudFront. My build and deploy process is an Ansible playbook. I configured CloudFront to add security headers with some JavaScript on Lambda@Edge as detailed in these blog posts: 1, 2.

The layout originally started with the Hyde theme, but I've modified it to be more minimalist. The font is PT Sans and the colour palette comes from the Pantone Color of the Year 2018, "Ultra Violet". This is because purple's my favourite colour!

The images on my posts aren't drawn by me. I find them on the Flickr accounts for The British Library and The Internet Archive. Both have a lot of scans from way-out-of-copyright old books. I'm going for a kind-of O'Reilly feel with about 1% of the effort.

I edit my images with (the still really badly named) GIMP and sometimes GraphicsMagick. I optimize them with the awesome pngcrush and jpegoptim.

My GIF's come from the vast pile of them hosted on Geocities sites, and pulled from Internet Archive's backup with their GIFCities site.

Thanks to all of these technologies for making my blog possible!