Useful Sites for Checking Your Internet Connection

Here are some sites that are useful for checking your internet connection. I tend to need them when connecting to any new Wi-Fi.


Some Wi-Fi spots require you to complete a sign-in process. I find macOS pops these up about 90% of the time, but sometimes I need to trigger it by attempting to visit a site. Unfortunately these work by redirecting a visit to a (non-secure) HTTP site, and more of the web is HTTPS every day. I used to remember one or two shameful HTTP-only sites but even they have upgraded. Knowing that will be HTTP-only forever is pretty useful.

2. CloudFlare DNS

DNS isn’t secure so if you’re using automatically provided DNS servers from, the internet connection provider can see the DNS queries your computer makes, i.e. which domains you’re visiting. Switching your DNS servers to an alternative keeps this private, and CloudFlare promise the most privacy (don’t expect much from Google’s

On a side note, using alternative DNS servers has broken redirection sign-in processes on maybe 1-3% of the Wi-Fi spots I’ve used, so I’ve learnt it’s the first thing to try disabling if I have problems after trying


Free and efficient speed test from Netflix. After you’ve found your download speed, press “show more info” to discover your latency and upload speed.

I used to use speedtest-cli on the command line, but doesn’t need installing and can be used in any web browser.


Your current IP, in plaintext. Also great with curl or httpie on the command line.