Django Pony GIF’s


I discovered GIFCities recently. It’s a project by the Internet Archive for browsing GIF’s extracted from their Geocities archive.

I spent a bit of time searching it for pegasus gifs, to represent the unofficial Django mascot, the Django Pony. Here are the best I found!

Running startproject

Baby pegasus hatching from an egg

Mentoring a New Django Developer

Pegasus caring for a young pegasus

Code Review

Pegasus shaking head

Code Review Complete

Pegasi caring for each other

Your Pet Project

Unicorn in a sparkly heart

When You Have One View

Mini flying pegasus

Deploy Goes Perfectly

Gliding pegasus

Deploy Goes Bad and Roll Back

Pegasus flying in and taking off again

Maximum Requests Per Second

Pegasus flapping its wings incredibly fast

Serving a Slow Admin Page

Pegasus rearing

How You Describe Your Project

Pegasus in the stars

How Your Project Actually Works

Pegasus in a starry snowglobe


Enjoy the GIFt,


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