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My Appearance on DjangoChat


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking over the internet with Will Vincent and Carlton Gibson about lots of Django-related topics. They somewhat informed me it was being recorded for a podcast.

Now the day I anticipated and feared is here. I discovered through this tweet that my voice is online:

Episode 27 - MySQL & Security with Adam Johnson (@AdamChainz) is now live!

Adam is a Django core developer responsible for the popular django-mysql package. We discuss why MySQL still makes sense with Django, security, hosting on AWS, and more.

We talked about all kinds of things including:

If you’re interested in Django, head on over to the website and listen to Episode 027: MySQL & Security.



(P.S. Don’t get mixed up and go to the wrong Twitter account, @DjangoChat, unless you want to see an adorable French cat.)

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