“Speed Up Your Django Tests” is Out Now

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My previously announced book “Speed Up Your Django Tests” is out now on Gumroad. I’ve been writing since the 3rd March, so it’s quite a relief to have launched it.

Since I announced the book for pre-order two weeks ago, I received 52 pre-orders. And since the release two hours ago, I have even received a full price order :) This was really encouraging and I’d like to thank everyone who ordered.

The release is definitely a first version of the book. I set myself an ambitious deadline, in order to constrain Parkinson’s Law, but this also meant I cut a lot of content. I have 24 issues open in the book’s repo, and 42 “TODO” comments sprinkled through the source! I’m looking forward to reader feedback to guide the next edition.


I’d like to thank everyone who helped me put this book together.

Thanks to my partner Mafalda for her love, encouraging me to carry on when I needed it, and encouraging me to stop at the end of the day. Thanks to my parents - my mum for sharing her experience as an author, and my dad for proofreading this book with the same care he applied to every homework essay and CV. And thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for their support.

I was very happy to have three excellent friends offer their help as reviewers. You should check out their blogs! Thanks to David Seddon for helping organize the London Django Meetup, giving many great testing and design talks there, and balancing my Aristotelian tendencies with his Platonist ones. Thanks to Jeroen Janssens for letting me deploy his recommendation system, letting me crash on the way to African Python conferences, and having an eye for both design and wording. And thanks to Julius Šėporaitis for pushing for a culture of excellence every time I’ve worked with him, bringing real magic everywhere he goes, and suggesting a broad range of enhancements.


Time for me to take a break,


Improve your Django develompent experience with my new book.

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