Announcing a Regional Discount for “Speed Up Your Django Tests”

Going Global

Since I launched my book Speed Up Your Django Tests I’ve had a number of questions about possible discounts. I want to make my book affordable for all and understand that $49 is a high price tag for some. The Django community is global and I want to share knowledge with Djangonauts everywhere.

So today I’m glad to announce a 50% discount for those living outside of the Top 50 Countries by GDP per capita*. Please email me with the address on my contact details page to say hi, where you live, and what you’re making with Django, and I’ll send you the discount link.

Update (2020-07-15): I had it pointed out to me that nominal GDP, rather than purchasing power parity GDP, would be a fairer cutoff, so I’ve updated to that.

(According to the IMF 2019 table of countries’ nominal GDP on this Wikipedia page .)

I’d like to take a finer grained approach in the future, but currently Gumroad don't offer region-targeted pricing. So I either need them to build such a feature, or create an integration using their API (and I'd rather spend more time writing).


Thanks to all my readers so far,


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