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Update (2021-01-07): My new book Boost Your Django DX covers these bonus sites and more in its documentation chapter.

There are a few mini sites out there with “bonus” Django documentation. Here’s a list of the best ones I know of.

Classy Class-Based Views

Classy Class-Based Views is a class explorer for the class-based view (CBV) hierarchy in Django: screenshot

If you’re struggling to figure out what’s going on in your CBV’s, this is a real boon for navigating them. It was created by Charles Denton and Marc Tamlyn. It seems to be a little unmaintained at current, but the information within should still be fairly accurate since Django’s CBV’s don’t change often.

Whilst on the topic of CBV’s, I can’t help but mention django-vanilla-views: screenshot

This is a library that provides a simpler CBV hierarchy, with a comparison against Django’s built-in one. It was created by Tom Christie and I help maintain it.

Classy Django Forms

Classy Django Forms is a similar class explorer for Django’s forms and form fields: screenshot

It’s a project by Ana Balica, based on Classy Class-Based Views, and seems to be up to date with Django 3.0 at least.

Template Tags and Filters

Template Tags and Filters is a cheatsheet for Django’s template language: screenshot

It was made this year by Nat Dunn for his book Actionable Django, so should be up to date with at least Django 3.0.

Classy Django REST Framework

Classy Django REST Framework is yet another class explorer for some classes in Django REST Framework (DRF): screenshot

It currently lists DRF 3.9, whilst the latest version is 3.11, so it may be a little inaccurate. It was created by Vinta Software, based again upon Classy Class-Based Views.


For many other resources, check out the index in the awesome-django GitHub repo:

awesome-django screenshot

It’s maintained by Jeff Triplett and Will Vincent and has a ton of useful links.


I hope these help you dive into Django,


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