Cyber Monday discount for Speed Up Your Django Tests

2020-11-28 Back from the first Cyber Monday...

Earlier this week I tweeted about my two part offer on my book Speed Up Your Django Tests for this year’s Cyber Monday.

Firstly, I’m offering a 50% discount on the book during the day. This will last whilst it’s the 30th November “Anywhere on Earth” (AoE), so as long as there’s one time zone where it’s Monday the 30th November, you can get that discount.

The deal will stack with the regional discount that offers a 50% discount for those living outside the GDP top 50. If you live in such a country, email me to get a total of 75% off the list price.

Secondly, to promote the deal, I’m giving away a free copy of the book to someone who retweets that tweet. I’ll do the draw at 09:00 UTC on Monday and announce it in the comments on Twitter.

Buy it on Gumroad!

If you’re looking for other deals on Python and Django learning materials, check out Trey Hunner’s post that compiles many offers available. I’m a subcriber to his Python Morsels and can attest to their quality for teaching you the breadth of features in Python.

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