Django’s release code words, up until 3.2

2021-02-20 A true cornucopia of words

It’s now a long-running tradition that each Django release has an associated “code word”. This is used by the release manager in the announcement blog post to describe the list of features coming in the next version.

I previously covered the code words used up until 2.2. This post is an update to expand the table up until Django 3.2, which had its first beta release yesterday.

Each code word links to its Wiktionary entry so you can see the definition. The word frequency is the based on the data set provided by Peter Norvig based upon a Google 2012 corpus - higher means more occurrences of that word (in english).

(Links to Announcement)
Post Author Quote with Code Word Highlighted Word Frequency
1.7 James Bennett ...will bring several major new features to Django, along with a host of other improvements... 32,304,193
1.8 Tim Graham ...several major new features and a o cornucopia of other improvements... 330,288
1.9 Tim Graham ... myriad of goodies... 3,019,357
1.10 Tim Graham ... panoply of new features... 474,466
1.11 Tim Graham ... medley of new features... 963,448
2.0 Tim Graham ... assortment of new features... 2,252,068
2.1 Tim Graham ... smorgasbord of new features... 135,121
2.2 Carlton Gibson ... salmagundi of new features... N/A (<100,000)
3.0 Carlton Gibson ... raft of new features... 2,652,548
3.1 Mariusz Felisiak ... potpourri of new features... 254,097
3.2 Carlton Gibson ... mezcla of new features... N/A (<100,000)

Django 3.0 and 3.1 had not-too-rare common code words, although 3.0’s raft has a more common meaning as a type of boat. In 3.2, Carlton has brought back some esotericity by picking a fantastic Spanish load word, mezcla, which I like.


May your projects have their own mélange of new features,


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