DjangoCon Europe 2021 Sale of “Speed Up Your Django Tests”

Artist’s impression of all the money you can save!

I released my book Speed Up your Django Tests (SUYDT) just over a year ago, on the 18th May. It’s had a great reception, with 379 customers so far, many writing in to say how it has improved their test suites’ performance and readability.

Additionally, this week I’m speaking at the second virtual DjangoCon Europe. My talk is at 9:15 am on Friday, on a topic related to the book: Speed up your tests with setUpTestData. If you’re attending, I look forward to seeing you there! (It’s still possible to buy tickets, and I believe it will be during the conference.)

To celebrate these two occurrences, I’m offering a 33% discount on the list price of SUYDT. This takes it from $49 to $32, licensed for up to three developers.

The discount lasts until the final day of DjangoCon Europe, Sunday the 6th June, “anywhere on Earth”. It also stacks with the regional discount of 50% off for those who live outside the GDP top 50.

Find out more and buy on Gumroad.

The current edition is based on Django 3.0 (and older). I’m partway through updating the content for changes up to Django 3.2, and should publish the update in the next couple of weeks. All customers will get this update for free, so there’s no reason to delay!


May your testing game continually sharpen,


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