Django 3.2 Update for “Speed Up Your Django Tests” Released


I released my book “Speed Up Your Django Tests” over a year ago, in May 2020. Since then, we’ve seen two major Django releases, including a whole bunch of test-related changes, some of which I worked on as part of the book.

Today I’m releasing the first update for SUYDT. The update brings the existing content up to date with Python 3.9, Django 3.2, and some future changes for Django 4.0. It also includes some new sections on mocking time and parallelizing tests. And for those who with e-readers, it now comes as an ePub file, alongside the original flavour PDF (one purchase gives you both formats!).

This update is free for existing readers, and does not increase the price. You can buy it now on Gumroad. For those outside of the richest top 50 countries by GDP, there’s a 50% discount.

The book has a changelog at the end of the “Introduction” chapter. Here’s the entry for this update:

Thanks to everyone who has already bought SUYDT, and everyone who has helped, directly or indirectly.


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