Django-related Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Trumpets go doot-doot-de-doot!

Here are some Django-related deals for this year’s Black Friday (26th Nov) and Cyber Monday (29th Nov), including my own.

My Book: Speed Up Your Django Tests

I am offering a 50% discount on my book Speed Up Your Django Tests. This book aims to do as its title says, and help you speed up your test suite, so you can keep development fast.

This discount takes the “up to three developers” price from $49 to $24.50. The deal stacks with the regional discount that offers a 50% discount for those living outside the GDP top 50. If you live in such a country, email me to get a total of 75% off the list price.

This discount is available until the end of Cyber Monday, “Anywhere on Earth” (AoE). Tat is, it’s live as long as it’s still Cyber Monday or before, in one time zone, anywhere on earth.

Buy it on Gumroad.

Speed Up your Django Tests sale 2021

SaaS Pegasus

Corey Zue’s SaaS Pegasus, is a Django project template with many preset niceties, such as JavaScript and Stripe integrations. It can massively accelerate setting up a SaaS in Django.

The “unlimited sites license” is discounted 50%, from $750 to $375. This deal is available through til 30 November.

Buy it on Django sale 2021 Three Course Sale

The educational site are running a sale on a bundle of three Django courses:

Normally these three courses would total $90, but the bundle has a 25% discount to $68. This discount is available until the end of the 28th November.

Buy it on Django sale 2021

William Vincent’s Three Book Bundle

William Vincent is the author of three fantastic Django books:

He’s offering a 50% discount on the three book bundle, from $117 to $59. This discount is available from now until the end of Black Friday.

Buy it on Gumroad.

William Vincent Django Books sale 2021


Go forth and support Django creators!


P.S. If you are also a creator, email me with details of your offer and I’ll add it here.

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