Django-related Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

Discounts, discounts, read all about them!

Here are some Django-related deals for this year’s Black Friday (25th Nov) and Cyber Monday (28th Nov), including my own. For more deals on general Python-related products, see Trey Hunner’s post.

My books

My two books, Boost Your Django DX and Speed Up Your Django Tests, have 50% off their base prices.

The deal stacks with the regional discount that offers a 50% discount for those living outside the GDP top 50. If you live in such a country, email me to get a total of 75% off the base prices.

This discount is available until the end of Cyber Monday, “Anywhere on Earth” (AoE). That is, it’s live as long as it’s still Cyber Monday or before, in one time zone, anywhere on earth.

Buy now:

(You can buy both in one transaction by clicking “Buy this” on one, then “Continue shopping” at the top right, which will let you add the other to your cart.)

Boost Your Django DX on sale 2022

Advantch Vanty SaaS Starter Kit

Themba Mahlangu created Vanty as an starter kit to jump start your Django product. It includes multitenancy, social logins, and integrates with Stripe, Sentry, Heroku, and Render.

Use the discount code blackfriday for 20% off the single site license, or 55% off the multi-site license.

Buy it on

Advantch Vanty Django SaaS Starter Kit Sale 2022

Forge Pro

David Gaeddert’s Forge is “an opinionated way to build with Django”. Forge Pro is the paid product that contains six third party apps for your production projects. For example, “Query Stats” can show you SQL query statistics in production on any URL, whilst the “Stripe” app provides helpers for billing customers with Stripe. You also gain access to a community of Django developers where you can discuss Forge Pro and its future development.

Use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY22 for 50% off your first year of subscription, taking the personal license from $149/year to $74.50/year. This deal is available through 30 November. 10% of Forge’s cost goes to support the Django Software Foundation (more on that below).

Buy it on

Forge Pro sale 2022

Michael Yin’s Books

Michael Yin, creator of one of the course above, has also written several books on Django related topics. He’s offering a 30% discount on two of them, one about building a blog with wagtail, and one about using Hotwire (HTML-over-the-wire) and Turbo with Django.

Buy them on Leanpub with the discount links below:

Michael Yin books sale 2022

SaaS Pegasus

Corey Zue’s SaaS Pegasus, is a Django project template with many preset niceties, including teams, Stripe subscriptions, a JavaScript pipeline, and multiple CSS themes. It can massively accelerate setting up a SaaS in Django.

The “unlimited lifetime license” is discounted 50%, from $750 to $375. This deal is available through 29 November.

Buy it on

SaaS Pegasus Django sale 2022

Tango with Django

Tango with Django is an end-to-end beginner’s guide to Django, by Leif Azzopardi and David Maxwell. It was recently updated for Django 4.

The book is “pay what you want” on Leanpub, with the minimum price discounted 30% from $12.99 to $9.99. This disocunt is available until the end of Cyber Monday.

Buy it on Leanpub

Tango with Django sale 2022 Four Course Sale

The educational site are running a sale on a bundle of four Django courses:

Normally these four courses would total $120, but the bundle has a 30% discount to $84. This discount is available until the end of the 27th November.

Buy it on Django sale 2022

William Vincent’s Three Book Bundle

William Vincent is the author of three fantastic Django books:

He’s offering a 50% discount on the three book bundle, from $97 to $49.

Buy it on Gumroad

William Vincent Django Books sale 2022

Bonus: Django Itself

Okay, there’s no discount here, but there is a good deal! You can fund the framework that you love to ensure it continues into the future.

If you are able to spend some money on Django-related products this Black Friday, please do consider sponsoring Django itself. You can support it by donating to the charity that runs the framework, the Django Software Foundation.

Your money will go towards:

You can sponsor Django on:

If you’re working with Django professionally, please consider sponsoring a few dollars a month. But better yet, get your organization to sponsor to pay back for all the advantages that Django offers you.

At time of writing, Django is 79% towards its 2022 funding goal:

Django Software Foundation Funding Page 2022

Let’s try get it to 100%!


Go forth and support Django creators, and Django itself!


P.S. If you are also a creator, email me with details of your offer and I’ll add it here.

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