Tidelift for five packages I maintain

Here’s how the tide lifts…

Since December, several of my open source packages have been “lifted” on Tidelift. This means that Tidelift are paying me a portion of their subscription fee for continued, standardized maintenance of these packages. These funds are very appreciated, so thanks to Tidelift subscribers 🫡.

The five packages that are now “lifted” are:

Tidelift is paying their minimum tier for each package, $100/month. With a 50% split on Whitenoise, this means Adam’s Web Services is now making $450/month for open source maintenance 😀. This isn’t quite as much as one day of client work, but it definitely helps to me to justify spending time on open source.

So if your organization wants to support open source packages further, do check out Tidelift. Or if you want to support me directly, you can always buy a book or two.


Thanks to everyone helping keep open source software sustainable,


If your Django project’s long test runs bore you, I wrote a book that can help.

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