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Scoring A+ for Security Headers on My Cloudfront-Hosted Static Website

Secure like this castle

On Saturday, I posted my guide on Scoring A+ for Security Headers in Django, following my talk at DjangoCon Europe. I thought it would be a good idea to step up and make my own site score A+, rather than a dismal F! My site isn’t built in Django, but as a Jekyll static site. It’s hosted on AWS S3 and CloudFront.


What Happened When One of My AWS Keys Was Leaked


On Thursday I gave a workshop at DjangoCon Europe on deploying a Django application on AWS Lambda. I gave participants a Git repository to clone and temporary AWS keys to individual, restricted IAM users on my Workshops AWS account.


Making the CloudFormation release history into RSS

Clouds forming

I’m working with CloudFormation a lot these days, both at Time Out and for deploying this blog and some other scripts I run on AWS Lambda.


Using boto3? Think pagination!

Boto is a name for river dolphins of the Amazon

This is a problem I've seen several times over the past few years.


AWS H3 is the Future of Hotels

Amazon AWS H3 concept art

AWS just announced Amazon H3 (the Highly Hospitable Hotel), available now in us-east-1 and coming years later to the region you actually use. They’re leveraging all the infrastructure they have built for their data centres to create a new style of ‘pay as you go’ hotel. Here are some of the features and pricing schemes available at launch:


Cleaning Up Nameless EC2 Instances with Ansible

Anonymous Instances - AAaaahaaa

I gave a talk at the recent London Ansible Meetup on how I cleared up unexplained nameless/‘anonymous’ EC2 instances from our AWS account at YPlan. This is the blog post version of that talk, so you can follow along and stop such instances appearing on your account and sapping money!