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Common Issues Using Celery (And Other Task Queues)

Rabbits in a queue

Here are some issues I’ve seen crop up several times in Django projects using Celery. They probably apply with other task queues, I simply haven’t used them so much.


Working Around Memory Leaks in Your Django Application

Leaky pipes

Several large Django applications that I’ve worked on ended up with memory leaks at some point. The Python processes slowly increased their memory consumption until crashing. Not fun. Even with automatic restart of the process, there was still some downtime.


Celery, Rabbits, and Warrens

Stunned by Rabbit?

Every time I pick up the Python job queue Celery after not using it for a while, I find I’ve forgotten exactly how RabbitMQ works. I find the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) concepts drop out of my head pretty quickly: Exchanges, Routing Keys, Bindings, Queues, Virtual Hosts…


My Talk “Django at scale” at Django London Meetup

On Tuesday I gave a talk on Django at the London Django Meetup Group, titled “Django at Scale.” The slides are hosted on GitHub.