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How to search your virtualenv for mystery error messages

Now, look here… (generated by Stable Diffusion)

Sometimes error reporting loses details, and you don’t know where an error message comes from. In such cases, I have often found that the fastest way to track down the source is to search through the project and its virtualenv.


Shell Tricks for Repeatedly Running Flaky Tests

shell be coming round the mountain when shell comes

Investigating flaky tests is a dull necessity of testing. At least it is (in the best case) infrequent. Here are some shell commands you can use to automate steps in your investigations. These will work on (at least) bash and zsh.


Maintaining Multiple Python Projects With myrepos

The Library of My Repos

I maintain several open source Python projects, each in its own GitHub repository. I like to keep them all up to date according to a kind of template - similarity increases maintainability.


Comparing Generated Files Before and After Changes with Git Diff

The trilobite lived very much before

Once in a while, I have to make a change to many or all of my blog posts. For example, implementing opengraph meta tags.


Word Counting My Whole Site

Try doing it with this

My site is static HTML, built with Jekyll (more details in my colophon). This means I have a folder that contains the whole site in HTML files.


Losslessly Compressing My JPEG Photos with jpegoptim

Focus, simplify, and scale your JPEG's.

I’ve recently been running low on disk space on my laptop. I’ve freed some by removing files, but I’ve also been looking for ways to save space through compression.


Running CloudFormation Drift Detection on All Your Stacks

Fighting drift in the cloud

CloudFormation’s stack drift detection feature is useful. It discovers ways your infrastructure that you beautifully set up with Infrastructure-as-Code has been fiddled with manually. Often this results from a “quick temporary fix” being applied manually on the web console at 2am, then forgotten about.


Introducing multilint

Clean crystals

I maintain a few Python projects on Github + PyPI. I try to keep them as consistent and error-free as possible and thus running code quality tools (known as ‘linters’) such as flake8 and isort to ensure this happens. I also discovered the lesser known python setup.py check which has found a number of problems I otherwise wouldn’t have found until release time - highly recommended!