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Comparing Generated Files Before and After Changes with Git Diff

The trilobite lived very much before

Once in a while, I have to make a change to many or all of my blog posts. For example, implementing opengraph meta tags.


Word Counting My Whole Site

Try doing it with this

My site is static HTML, built with Jekyll (more details in my colophon). This means I have a folder that contains the whole site in HTML files.


Scoring A+ for Security Headers on My Cloudfront-Hosted Static Website

Secure like this castle

On Saturday, I posted my guide on Scoring A+ for Security Headers in Django, following my talk at DjangoCon Europe. I thought it would be a good idea to step up and make my own site score A+, rather than a dismal F! My site isn’t built in Django, but as a Jekyll static site. It’s hosted on AWS S3 and CloudFront.


Using IPython Notebook to Write Jekyll Blog Posts

Yup, that's a Python

My last blog post was written in IPython notebook, and my blog is in Jekyll. Here’s how I hooked the two up.