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"Speed Up Your Django Tests" is Out Now

Hand Scroll

My previously announced book “Speed Up Your Django Tests” is out now on Gumroad. I’ve been writing since the 3rd March, so it’s quite a relief to have launched it.


Book Announcement: Speed Up Your Django Tests

Penelope the Performance Pegasus

Update (2020-05-18): The book is out now and available for order on Gumroad!


Detect if Your Tests Are Running on a CI System

Test CI Telescope

If you have some slow tests in your suite, you might want to run them only on CI. To do this, you can detect in your test runner if you’re running on a CI system.


My Most Used Pytest Commandline Flags

Look on ye Pytesters

Pytest is quickly becoming the “standard” Python testing framework. However it can be overwhelming to new users.


Testing Boto3 with Pytest Fixtures

Testing Apparatus

This is a recipe I’ve used on a number of projects. It combines Pytest fixtures with Botocore’s Stubber for an easy testing experience of code using Boto3. (Botocore is the library behind Boto3.)


Solving Algorithmic Problems in Python with Pytest

Pytest Flute

I occasionally enjoy solving algorithmic problems, for example Project Euler or The Advent of Code. I’ve been doing them since I was a pimply PHP-slinging teenager, competing with my peers across the UK in the British Informatics Olympiad. It was terribly nerdy and terribly fun.


pytest-randomly history

Hall of history

My plugin pytest-randomly was recently moved into the pytest-dev organization on GitHub, making it a bit “more official” as a pytest plugin. Thanks to Bruno Oliveira for suggesting it, Florian Bruhin and Bruno for approving it on the pytest-dev mailing list, and Gordon Wrigley for helping with its development.


Introducing django-perf-rec, our Django performance testing tool

Performance matters!

N.B. This is a cross-post from the YPlan tech blog.


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