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Use WARMED to evaluate software engineering practices

This teapot is very warmed!

In a lecture titled Where Does Bad Code Come From?, Casey Muratori introduced the acronym WARMED for categorizing the costs of code:


Mike Acton’s Expectations of Professional Software Engineers

grumpy cats ranting

In a 2019 talk/rant titled “Everyone Watching This Is Fired”, games industry veteran Mike Acton rattled off a sample of 50 things he expects of developers he works with. The title refers to his tongue-in-cheek suggestion that anyone who doesn’t meet all these requirements would be immediately fired.


The Well-Maintained Test: 12 Questions for New Dependencies

A well-maintained bicycle.

Joel Spolsky’s infamous Joel Test is a quick heuristic test for checking a software engineering team’s technical chops. I’ve come up with a similar test that we can use to decide whether a new package we’re considering depending on is well-maintained.


Software Engineering Is Programming Integrated Over Time

What program walks on four legs in the morning, …?

The preface of Software Engineering at Google opens with this thesis: